Prevention is better than cure

Welcome to the Floodwall, flood protection, website. Floodwall is a UK patented flood protection system for residential and commercial premises. The installation of the Floodwall system could reduce the annual cost of your home and business premises insurance including the excess. For those properties that are unable to secure insurance against flooding, we are confident that a Floodwall system fitted by our accredited contractors will help to overcome this. In addition, our product comes with a 25 year guarantee of its reliability and performance.Please watch the demonstration video on the right to see Floodwall in action.To find out more information about our products, costs and methodology, please browse our easy to follow website or contact us to speak to a Floodwall representative. Click to watch our demonstration video to see how the Floodwall system can protect your home.

25 Year Warranty



Floodwall Products


On completion of your Floodwall installation, your new Floodwall system will receive a 25 year warranty.

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